More Trees for the Maple Valley HO Scale Model Railroad

Small cabin, people working, trees, weeds, rocks, grass, backdrop

I have been working diligently on the scenery of my HO scale model railroad, The Maple Valley Short Line. Since I learned how to make convincing weeds, I’m putting them everywhere, and probably overdoing it.

You can see the steps I learned for placing great weeds, by clicking here. I’ve added one more step. After allowing the glue to dry overnight, I lightly pinch the clump of weeds and pull some of the excess grass away, leaving a very good looking group of weeds.

In a previous post, Easy Floral Wire Trees for Your Model Railroad, I described how to add inexpensive deciduous trees to any layout. They are very easy to make and look amazing.

I haven’t attempted to make coniferous trees. I recently picked up a couple bags of Woodland Scenics Pine Tree Armatures. I didn’t buy the complete kit as I had a few bags of foliage at home. I began mass producing great looking pine trees for my model railroad.

Much of the surrounding terrain on my layout is rock formations. Pine trees look best as a nice addition to the backdrop paintings behind the rocky hills. I provide details for creating beautiful backdrops for your layout in three posts: How I Painted Backdrops for My Model Railroad – Part 1, and Part 2, and also, Painting Beautiful Backdrops for Your Model Railroad.

Lately, I have been thinking about how creating detailed scenery on a model railroad is like an artist patiently creating a beautiful painting. I’m no artist. If I can make a great looking layout, anyone can. The point is, an artist paints in layers. I painted my backdrops by using that technique. I think about layering as I continue working on scenery. Small details, a little at a time, result in amazing scenes.

I have to continually resist the urge to get a bunch done quickly. When I start feeling like that, I stop, stand back, and look at a very small area of the layout. I think about how that small scene can be improved.

In placing more trees on the layout, I am careful to avoid covering important details. I want to be able to see the junk lying around in a field or against a fence. The smallest things can be the most fascinating of all.

Happy model railroading everyone!

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