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  • The Durand Railroad Days Train Show 2023

    The Durand Railroad Days Train Show 2023

    What could be better for a train lover than living in a town with an annual Railroad Days Festival? Not much. I recently visited Durand, Michigan during Railroad Days to hunt for model railroad treasures at the train show. I was surprised to discover the Durand Depot has several HO scale layouts in operation, the… Read more

  • Questions from a High School AP Literature Class

    I was relaxing in a beach chair, covered with sun-screen guaranteed to protect me from jelly fish, squid, snaggle-tooth sharks, stray footballs and sunshine. I hadn’t been on the beach long enough to have a beverage in my hand. I was minding my own business when they walked up. When I’m on the beach, which… Read more

  • Reflections on the Movie “Champions”

    I have to admit, Woody Harrelson is not one of my favorite actors. In fact, the only movie I can think of that he was in is “2012.” He played a whacky apocalypse predictor screaming about the end of the world, all of which happened by movie’s end. In the new film, “Champions,” Harrelson plays… Read more

  • I Wonder About a Lot of Unimportant Stuff

    I Wonder About a Lot of Unimportant Stuff

    A few days ago, we were in an antique store in Holly, Michigan, which happens to be one of our favorite towns anywhere. While we were walking through, looking at everything that reminds us we’re old, I noticed a box sitting high on a shelf. Inside was a plastic furniture cover. I’m thankful my mother… Read more

  • Great Movie Scenes, Lines, and Song Lyrics

    We have favorite movies we’ve seen so many times we use lines from the movies in conversation. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” is a great example. Whenever a situation creates a big problem, the line fits. “Jaws” has been part of our family since our kids were young. Summer isn’t really summer until we… Read more

  • Growing Up Lapeer: Missing Some Favorite Places

    Growing Up Lapeer: Missing Some Favorite Places

    If I say “swamp-water,” what comes to your mind? Green algae with unseen beasts waiting just below the surface to bite off a toe if you dare step in? Lilly pads? Frogs? Snakes? Large-mouth bass? Swamp-water is none of those things, except, I guess it could be if I were talking about a real swamp.… Read more