About A Coffee State of Mind

I am Dale Parsons and this is my lovely wife of nearly fifty years. We have one daughter and triplet sons, a son-in-law, three daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren. We love our family dearly.

I choose not to use the names of my family members in my blog. Thank you for respecting that choice.

Maggie is our nine-year-old mini-goldendoodle. She is a loving and faithful companion whose capacity for fun is unbounded. She is full of energy and always ready to go for a ride. Every night she joins us for prayer before we sleep.

We are both retired. My wife was a middle school teacher for over twenty years and I was the middle school counselor. It was great fun for my wife, our daughter, and I to work in the same building for five years.

Why “A Coffee State of Mind”? A cup of coffee represents a lot of things. Is it coffee and? Just coffee? Coffee with cream? Coffee with cream and sugar? Coffee with flavored cream? Iced? Luke warm? Scalding hot? Drip? Perked? Espresso? Cappuccino? Latte? Frappe? Caff or de-caff?

To me, a cup of steaming hot coffee says, “Everything’s gonna be okay.” The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee opens a treasure of memories and a blank slate of endless opportunity.

A Coffee State of Mind is just that. Coffee and thoughts, experiences, dreams, disappointments, challenges, hobbies, relationships, pets, family, fears, hopes, and many other things all stirred together.

This blog is two years old and I am still learning. I’m not real techy at all and figuring out how to have categories, tags, and now pages has been a long process. The theme design I’m using right now may change as I learn more about the features of other themes.

You’re invited to explore my over one hundred posts. You can see by the list of tags I’ve written about a wide variety of topics. I’m still in the process of finding a niche and I may just end up with a mixture of all things blogable.

If you enjoy reading my posts, I invite you to consider following.

Thanks so much for visiting A Coffee State of Mind.

Dale Parsons


Licensed Professional Counselor

Master’s Degree in Educational and Professional Counseling from Central Michigan University.


Completed middle-grade novel of 57,000 words, “Smivey Stepward”. Weekly newspaper column, published many times in religious curricula, blogger.

Teacher Education

Completed teacher certification in Social Studies and Psychology at Saginaw Valley State University. Thirteen years in middle school public education.

Previous Career

Thirty-one years in ministry before going into education.

2 thoughts on “About A Coffee State of Mind

  1. Hi Dale I so enjoyed reading your testimony and learning more about you. We have a lot in common. God, family and hobbies. And our unique ability to express positive thoughts through our songs of artistry.

    Though I have not tried the Coffee Element yet, the idea is tempting!

    I am your friend from Instagram,

    Mark LT, talladega_rails and
    on Facebook, Mark L-Train

    Liked by 1 person

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