Fellow Model Railroaders in FB Groups Taught Me How to Plant Great Looking Weeds on my HO Scale Layout

Creating beautiful scenes on an HO scale model railroad is a learning process. No one is perfect from the start. Everyone can learn to do things in a better, more convincing and efficient way.

YouTube videos and Facebook groups offer an incredible opportunity to look at the work of fellow model railroaders and see the techniques they use. The history of model railroading is long and fascinating. Our predecessors could only dream of having the entire world of model railroading at their fingertips like we do.

Last week I wrote Hand-Planted Weeds: Adding Fine Detail to the Maple Valley Short Line Model Railroad. When I added the post to model railroading groups on Facebook, I included the caption “Advice Needed!” at the top. I was immediately offered some great suggestions I put to good use.

I won’t mention contributor names in this post because I don’t have permission to do so. Anyone who is interested in learning about model railroading can join the groups and see the work of these great modelers.

I’m glad I only spent about fifteen dollars on my homemade static grass applicator. Planting weeds by hand is a slower process, but the results are amazing. I used 7mm static grass and added some brown grass that I clipped in various lengths. I already had some Woodland Scenics Static-Tac, so I used it to glue the weeds.

I first put a line of glue where I wanted to plant the weeds. I picked up a clump of grass and sort of packed it so the bottom was relatively even. I then pressed the weeds into the glue. I was immediately pleased with the results!

Obviously, I didn’t wait for the Woodland Scenics Static-Tac to dry before taking pictures. It won’t be visible when it’s completely set. Also, I didn’t worry about getting down to the foam base of the layout. I planted the grass right on top of the ground cover and it stayed in place.

I am so happy with the way this looks I’m going to be planting weeds for weeks to come! I removed a bunch of lichen so I can replace it with this much more realistic grass.

Woodland Scenics grass planted, swimmers, canoers, trestle bridge

Thank you, to all of my Facebook model railroading group friends who offered your expertise and encouragement. I really appreciate it. Your skills are amazing and I enjoy looking at your videos and photos in the group posts.

Happy model railroading everyone!

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