About A Coffee State of Mind

I am Dale Parsons and this is my lovely wife of nearly fifty years, Mary. Mary and I met while working on a musical in high school. We have one daughter and triplet sons, a son-in-law, three daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren. We love our family dearly.

Maggie is our nine-year-old mini-goldendoodle. She is a loving and faithful companion whose capacity for fun is endless. Every night she joins us for prayer before we sleep. Seriously. I always say, “Let’s pray with Mama,” and she lays down between us. When I say, “Amen,” she gets up and goes to the end of the bed. Our house looks like we have a toddler. Maggie’s toys are everywhere.

We are both retired. Mary was a middle school teacher for over twenty years and I was the middle school counselor. It was great fun for Mary and I, and our daughter to work in the same building for five years.

Why “A Coffee State of Mind”? A cup of coffee represents a lot of things. Is it coffee and something to eat, or just coffee? Do you like it black, or with cream and sugar? What is your favorite flavored cream? Do you crave a great cappucino? Mocha? (Me too!)

To me, a cup of steaming hot coffee says, “Everything’s gonna be okay.” The aroma of fresh-brewed coffee opens a treasure of memories and a blank slate for the future.

A Coffee State of Mind is just that. Thoughts, experiences, dreams, disappointments, challenges, hobbies, relationships, pets, family, fears, hopes, and many other things all stirred together. The common thread through it all has been coffee.

I’ve been blogging four years. Honestly, sometimes I wonder why I do it. Experts give loads of advice, and they all say different things. “You have to find your niche.” “Don’t worry about a niche.” “Don’t write about yourself.” “Make it personal, share your heart.” What I have discovered is the experts all sell “how-to” strategies, some of which cost hundreds of dollars. I don’t sell anything. I just write.

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Thanks so much for visiting A Coffee State of Mind.

Dale Parsons


Licensed Professional Counselor

Master’s Degree in Educational and Professional Counseling from Central Michigan University.


Completed middle-grade novel of 57,000 words, “Smivey Stepward”. Weekly newspaper column, published many times in religious curricula, blogger.

Teacher Education

Completed teacher certification in Social Studies and Psychology at Saginaw Valley State University. Thirteen years in middle school public education.

Previous Career

Thirty-one years in ministry before going into education.

4 thoughts on “About A Coffee State of Mind

  1. Hi Dale I so enjoyed reading your testimony and learning more about you. We have a lot in common. God, family and hobbies. And our unique ability to express positive thoughts through our songs of artistry.

    Though I have not tried the Coffee Element yet, the idea is tempting!

    I am your friend from Instagram,

    Mark LT, talladega_rails and
    on Facebook, Mark L-Train

    Liked by 1 person

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