Affirmations of Value: The Gift for Yourself

Here are four simple affirmations to speak to yourself.

  • Words do not create value. Value is already mine.
  • Value is in me, not in words others say about me.
  • My worth is in me, not in the approval of others.
  • I accept my value, it is mine, alone.

Print these affirmations and say them to yourself often. You could tape them on your bathroom mirror. Use them as a lock screen on your phone. Text them to yourself. Send yourself an email with these affirmations in big, bold letters.

Value is so misunderstood. Success does not increase your value. Failure does not weaken your value. Possessions and money have nothing to do with your value.

You could be incredibly wealthy and have no confidence in your personal value.

Society would have you believe your value is totally based on the approval and acceptance of others. It’s a lie.

Social media wants you to believe your value is a result of followers and viral videos. It’s a lie.

Your value is you.

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