Hand-Planted Weeds: Adding Fine Details to the Maple Valley Short Line Model Railroad

I have to admit, I haven’t been thrilled with the results of the static grass applicator I made. Even though I’ve gotten some powerful zaps from it myself, I wonder if the static field it creates isn’t strong enough. My scenes look pretty good, I just thought the grass would stand up better.

If you didn’t read my post, Make Your Own Static Grass Applicator, I invite you to click on the link. The bug-zapper produces 2700 volts, but I’ve seen some applicators that are a lot higher. As I look at the photo, I think maybe I should be happy with the results. It looks pretty good from here.

I see photos of other layouts and notice grass between the rails on many track sidings. I wonder if they’re using static applicators for it or if they’re putting the grass in some other way.

I recently asked another model railroader about the outstanding scenes on his layout showing a lot of tall grass. He said he planted it by hand, a small clump at a time. I decided to give it a try, as seen in these photos.

I purchased some Woodland Scenics Static Glue, but I’m not convinced it works any better than regular white glue, unless I’m not using it correctly. Maybe the secret is to just plant clumps of grass by hand in certain areas and then use my static applicator for larger area coverage.

The tall weeds in these photos are cut from grass that is about 2-3 inches long. I pulled a small bunch out and cut it about an inch long with scissors. I put a drop of static glue in the spot where I wanted the weeds, waited a few minutes, then planted the grass. If it didn’t remain standing straight, I held it for a minute or two.

I like the way it looks, I just need more of it. I have several areas with picket fences in Maple Valley that will look great with weeds around them.

I would really appreciate your thoughts on static grass and planting weeds on your layout.

If you use a static grass applicator, what kind is it?

Do you use static grass glue or white glue?

Thanks for your help. Creating an attractive and interesting layout is like painting a masterpiece, and I’m not an artist. I love working on the Maple Valley Short Line Model Railroad, but I’m always willing to learn and try new techniques.

Happy model railroading everyone!

One thought on “Hand-Planted Weeds: Adding Fine Details to the Maple Valley Short Line Model Railroad

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