The Cast of Characters in the Scandal at Maple Valley

Maple Valley is a small tourist town in Kertok County, Missouri. The claim to fame in this tiny place is The Old General, a Civil War era steam locomotive that carries visitors to Maple Valley.

Maple Valley has been here a lot longer than The Old General has been bringing folks to see it. Years of living experience among neighbors learning to tolerate one another has resulted in a cast of characters that is unique to Maple Valley.

The personalities of characters living in Maple Valley are not unique at all. There are the giving, the loving, the kind, the generous, the talented, the protectors, the timid, the bold, the dreamers, the industrious, the leaders, the followers, and the forgivers.

Maple Valley also has its usurpers, the unforgiving, the vengeful, the boastful, the pretenders, the selfish, the suspicious, and the downright guilty.

Sylvia Meisner didn’t have a selfish nature, but one might think so because of the attention given to her these last eighteen months. It’s not attention from which she could gain anything, however, because she is missing. It’s one thing to get attention and be present to bask in it. It’s quite another to create a stir with absence.

If you aren’t familiar with her, meet Sylvia Meisner,

Sheriff Pete Terkinberry quickly rose to take the lead in the investigation of Sylvia’s disappearance. He continues to work diligently, though he is also dealing with people like Ver and Vee Burthrap.

Shorty and Hannah Cloverton own the Ya’ll Sit Cafe, one of the most popular attractions in Maple Valley. The cafe tables are always full, and patrons often wait outside for an opportunity to enjoy Hannah’s cooking.

Every community has its notorious figures. Love or despise them, perhaps the villages would not be the same without them. Quintin O’Dillmotte always displays his ability to gain attention for good reasons, bad reasons, and every reason in between.

Recently, signs have appeared in Maple Valley, indicating Quintin is making a run to replace Pete Terkinberry as the Sheriff of Kertok County. That the actual election is nearly two years away doesn’t seem to bother Quintin. He will soon be interviewed by Marty Kue, the evening news anchor on WREK-TV, about his charges against Sheriff Terkinberry and his handling of the Meisner case.

Mayor Alvin Thrashborn is a lifelong friend of Pete Terkinberry, which will most likely be important information as the mayor has been questioned by two federal agents in the disappearance of Sylvia Meisner. The last time the sheriff and Mayor Thrashborn spoke of the incident, Pete felt like his friend Alvin was hiding something.

The sad story of Sylvia Meisner would be no story at all if it were not for the little town of Maple Valley. The good folks who live here are proud of our village. We are happy to welcome everyone who wants to visit, but we are secretly happy when the last train leaves and we are alone again.

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