Scandal at Maple Valley – Episode 31: Tongues are Wagging, Again

It really is amazing how great a firestorm a few bones can create. The good folks in Maple Valley are falling into old routines that have not been put aside in honor of Thanksgiving Day.

Maple Valleyans are thankful for many things, please don’t misunderstand. They’re thankful for the Ya’ll Sit Cafe where they can ask Hannah Cloverton to fix their pancakes with any number of add-ins, like mushrooms, peppermint candies, sticky gums, dried head cheese crumbles, or cookie bits. Elmita Verkelmor brings crushed laxative pills for flapjack sprinkles.

Neighbors are thankful for tourists to whom they sell certified Maple Valley originals, like photos of Quintin O’Dillmotte in front of his funeral parlor. Ver and Vee Burthrap are thankful they sold several pans of homemade binzelphrast for holiday dinners. Binzelphrast was created by the Burthrap twins. It looks revolting but tastes lovely.

The bones discovered under the watermain in Newtown have been officially designated, “Unidentified.” Sylvia Meisner has been eliminated. Eliminated as in, the bones are not hers. But, many in Maple Valley are not convinced. Some believe Sheriff Pete Terkinberry is purposely hiding the truth. They are convinced Sylvia has been found, and they will not be told otherwise.

Sheriff Pete is keeping information to himself because he is still working to identify the remains. He uncovered a file about another disappearance, forty-five years ago. Ert Kreisel left for work on a Tuesday morning and was never seen again. He never arrived at Leitwald’s Machine Shop where he was employed. His wife, Wahline, didn’t report him missing for six days, which caused suspicion.

“I thought he might have gone hunting or fishing,” Wahline Kreisel told police.

“For six days? And you didn’t know about it?” they asked.

“We have a cabin up in the hills near Maple Valley River,” she answered.

Pete read the file and couldn’t believe the investigation ended without a single answer. He thinks maybe the bones belong to Ert Kreisel. Wahline Kreisel should be questioned again, but that will be difficult. She’s dead. She died eight years after Ert disappeared. Her own death was a mystery as well.

Maple Valley Mayor Alvin Thrashborn plans to make his annual Thanksgiving Day speech on the steps of Maple Valley Church. Alvin will speak about his love of Maple Valley and how he desires to remain in office until his last days on this side of glory.

Music will be provided by Cranson Plikerway who has recently learned to play the four-string dulcimer. He accompanies himself while he sings tunes he has written about Maple Valley.

It’s been another memorable Thanksgiving in Maple Valley.

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