Adding People to the Maple Valley Model Railroad

I ordered a package of one hundred HO scale people. Having never purchased so many figures at the same time before, I didn’t realize there would be so many duplicates. No worries, I just made sure I didn’t place a bunch of the same ones in a small area.

The second mistake I made was gluing a small piece of clear plastic to each of the figures so I could stand them temporarily. I inadvertantly created a whole bunch more work for myself because when I decided it was time to place the people permanently, I had to remove the pedestals. I was lucky they came off pretty easily.

I still have a lot of scenery detailing to do, so I have probably created even more work for myself by gluing the figures in place. So far, I think the crowd scenes look pretty good.

Several workers together near interlocking tower.

Work on a watermain is underway after a break near the Newark interlocking tower. In the process of digging up the pipes, the workers discovered something surprising. Discussions continue about next steps that should be taken.

Delivering the mail is an important job in Maple Valley. Frank Kirtsalvy has been walking the route, providing mail service to the happy residents of Maple Valley for twenty-nine years. Frank walks alone on First Street toward Main. Nearing the end of his day, he always tops it off with coffee at the Ya’ll Sit Cafe, and the good folks at the cafe are always glad to see him.

Mailman walking in front of houses, cars on the street.

Maple Valley River is a beautiful place for swimming, fishing, and canoeing. Today, the clear water is disturbed only by a couple of water craft while several swimmers watch from the shore. The Maple Valley Trestle moorings provide a great place for fish to hide from those skilled in fishing.

Main Street is always busy with shoppers and visitors to Maple Valley. Shorty and Hannah Cloverton at the Ya’ll Sit Cafe are constantly serving customers with terrific food and hospitality. Pete Terkinberry does a great job keeping Maple Valley a safe community for visitors and residents. Quintin O’Dillmotte, the man in the blue suit walking behind Pete, is on his way to another funeral.

Small shed, workers, control tower near tracks.

There is always a lot of work to do, keeping a railroad in safe operating condition. These men are working together near an important turnout on the mainline to Maple Valley.

Ballasting on the Maple Valley Model Railroad is almost complete. I still have some work to do around turnouts, but most of the layout ballast is ready for gluing. I plan to use the tried and true method of applying wet-water made with dish soap, and diluted white glue solution, applied with a squeeze bottle.

Several buildings on street along track, people working, cars.

I love this scene along the mainline to Maple Valley. Visitors to the village ride The Old General from Newark.

In the weeks and months ahead I plan to add more trees, telephone poles with wire, and operating street and building lights. I will begin working on signal operations soon.

The Maple Valley Model Railroad is looking good!

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