Kellogg’s Fun-Paks and Pop Tarts

Capturing the vacation feeling is as important as going on vacation. Anticipating vacation is far better than the real thing. A huge part of maintaining the vacation feeling is buying a large quantity of Kellogg’s Fun-Paks and Pop Tarts.

Fun-Paks are not what they used to be, but they still work for vacation. Years ago, the side of the box was perforated so the box and bag inside could be opened. Milk was poured inside and the box became a bowl. With all the ultra-safety-don’t touch that-must be triple sealed-best by-stuff it’s a wonder any of us survived.

Fun-Paks are the answer for families with a no-sweetened-cereal law like we grew up with. Corn Flakes, Shredded Wheat, Puffed Wheat, and Puffed Rice which when the milk touched it turned to gag-me mucus, were the staples at our house. The Fun-Paks are just large enough to provide a slight taste of sweet without being enough to cause addiction.

Variety is the thrill of the Fun-Pak. Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Sugar Pops, Cocoa Puffs, Apple Jacks, times two, all in one pack is just about more than any kid can take.

I wanted to be a good parent. I bought Kellogg’s Fun-Paks when we went on vacation. Camping, hoteling, cabining, familing, whatever the vacation mode, Fun-Paks and Pop Tarts were necessary. Sometimes I still buy Fun-Paks when it’s vacation time with the kids and grandkids. I bought two boxes of Pop Tarts three days ago.

Whoever invented Kellogg’s Pop Tarts was a genius. Obviously, it was Kellogg. I never met the man, but I would like to thank him. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts are manna from heaven in a frosted pastry pillow. Kellogg must have had a direct com line to heaven because anything that tastes that good has to be anointed from on high.

BSCPTs (Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts) are a must for successful fishing trips. They worked for me many times. Here are the instructions:

  1. Get in the boat with your fishing gear which includes an unopened pack of two BSCPTs and a thermos of coffee.
  2. Drive to your favorite spot.
  3. Drop your baited line in the water (BSCPT pieces are not used as bait.)
  4. Open the BSCPT pack. I prefer to leave the pastry in the foil and just break off pieces a little at a time.
  5. Pour a cup of coffee.
  6. Reel in the fish.

If your family vacations tend to be more stress than satisfaction, maybe you should use the tried and tested method of family vacation perfection. Kellogg’s Fun-Paks and Pop Tarts.

An Up North Poem

A mayfly landed upon the rim
Of my Tilley hat near the brink of the brim
And it rested there while I mowed the lawn
And it made me think of days, now gone
Of fly fishing, of the line and the flies
The anticipation of the hoped-for rise
Of a fish, of a trout, now the take and the tug
as I stand in the midst of the stream’s cool hug
between lush banks of the far north land
Where I stop to give thanks for the place where I stand
For the fish and the stream as clear as glass
Oh, I’d rather be there than mowing the grass.

And this….

Two weekends ago on a foot bridge over the East Branch of the AuSable I stood with my 5 year old grandson Michael as he held a split bamboo fly rod and let a small fly dangle downstream. A brook trout took the fly and Michael reeled it in, his very first trout ever. His second trout came a couple casts later.

By David W.

Thanks David!

Do you have an Up North story, poem, anecdote, lyric? Did a ghost visit you at your campfire? Did Bigfoot stare at you through the brush?

Tell us about it!

Your UP NORTH Story

Traverse City. Hubbard Lake. Alpena. Harrison. Cadillac. East Tawas. Roscommon. Manton. Mio. West Branch.

Lewiston. Onaway. Mancelona. Fife Lake. Wellston. Frankfort.

Manistee. Otter Lake. Mesick. Leland. Northport. Eckerman. Brimley. Dafter. Hessel.

De Tour Village. Deer Park. Au Train. Marquette.

Pictured Rocks. Ray’s Canoes. Shanty Creek. Drummond Island. Hartwick Pines. Tippy Dam. Au Sable River.

Presque Isle. Thunder Bay. Glennie. Rifle River. Standish. Coleman. Crystal Valley. Bear Lake. Cedar. Suttons Bay. Kalkaska.

Caseville. Harrisville. Kingsley. Indian River. Mackinac Island. Ryba’s Fudge. Arnold’s Ferry.

Sault Ste. Marie. Barbeau. Pellston. Vanderbilt. Houghton Lake. Omer. Oscoda. Grayling.

Clare. Bear Mountain. Harbor Springs. Torch Lake. Higgins Lake State Parks.

Camping. Swimming. Fishing. RVs. Mackinac Bridge. Grand Hotel. Lakeview Inn.

Zilwaukee Bridge. Prudenville. Crump. Fairview. St. Helen. Manistee Lake. Norwood.

Fletcher’s. H&H Bakery. Grindstone General Store. Pines Theater. Deer hunting. Tip-Up-Town.

Powell’s Restaurant. Turkey Roost. Zehnder’s. Al’s Pancake House. Maggie’s.

Petoskey. Gladwin. Cheboygan. Hoeft State Park. Mackinac Bridge Walk.

Almost everyone has an “up north” story. What is yours? Where is up north to you?

If you live in a state other than Michigan, does “up north” mean anything to you?

If you live in another country, do you have an “up north?”

I would love to read your up north story, no matter where you are. Can I include your up north story in “A Coffee State of Mind”? I won’t use your name, unless you don’t mind if I do. I’m pretty good at making up names. (Pete Terkinberry, Quintin O’Dillmotte, Shorty & Hannah Cloverton, Vee Burthrap, Smivvy Stepward, Larry Murfin, just to name a few.)

There is a space below where you can send me your story. Please include your email address. It won’t be published. I’m not selling anything. You won’t start getting a whole bunch of ads about homemade boxer shorts or fishing lures.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to reading your Up North Story!