Hot Coffee: Drinks and Safe Spaces

I didn’t like the title “Therapy Thoughts,” so, it’s gone forever.

What is your hot coffee? It took many years for me to realize not everyone loves coffee. Some people, perish the thought, don’t even like the smell of coffee! While others like the smell but don’t like the taste. But, those of us who love the smell and the taste are a special class. Right? Yeah, right.

So, what is your coffee? Is it tea? Water? Orange juice? Dr Pepper? Coke? Wine? White or red? Dry? Fruity and sweet? Iced tea? Sweetened or not?

Your coffee can be anything, but the result is the same. When you have yours, everything is good. Thoughts come more easily and not as fast. You breathe more deeply. Time seems to slow down just a bit. That’s coffee.

Where is your favorite spot to enjoy your coffee?

Do you like closed, safe spaces? By closed, safe spaces, I mean, closed safe spaces. The door is shut, even if it’s just a corner. You have your “coffee,” which in my case is real, delicious, hot steaming black coffee, sitting just to my left.

Is your safe space a routine you follow every day. Routine sometimes gets a bad rap, but routines are a safe space. When I’m in the groove of my routine, it’s all good.

I’ve begun to understand hiding behind the cereal box fort is okay.

Many of us still have our safe spaces. And coffee, of course.

3 thoughts on “Hot Coffee: Drinks and Safe Spaces

    1. We have a coffee stand with two tall chairs by our double kitchen window. We sip and watch the critters outside. Lots of squirrels and birds. Three days each week I get to write at my favorite coffee shop, ear buds in and listening to light jazz, while my wife is in swim class. Coffee is always close by.

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