Therapy Thoughts for a Friday: Getting Yourself Moving in the Morning

I’m not a morning person. I don’t mind waking up, but mornings are the lowest part of my mental day. Morning is when I feel discouraged.

Have you ever considered the word discouraged? Dis-couraged. It means to have your courage removed, or to be separate from your courage.

How much courage does it take to write something? None.

What about you? Do you ever feel removed from your courage?

How do you motivate yourself to keep moving forward?

When do you feel you are at your best?

Thanks for taking a moment to respond!

3 thoughts on “Therapy Thoughts for a Friday: Getting Yourself Moving in the Morning

  1. I’m the exact opposite…mornings are my best time. My brain works the best, inspiration flows easily, and I can be optimistic about the day to come. Then the sun rises, reality creeps in, and things can slide downhill quickly. I love your breakdown of the word discouraged….and you’re right, writing something doesn’t take courage at all…but sometimes it takes all I have to share the words written with another. Thanks for the thoughtful post, Dale! 💞

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