Sunday Morning Feeder Friends and a Perfect Bowling Score on the XBox

We didn’t get to church yesterday morning because of the snow. I have to admit it, missing church is exciting like when I was a kid and we left for vacation on Sunday morning. I think that happened once. For a guy with anxiety who spent over thirty years in church work, missing church is like manna from Heaven.

We have a red bird feeder just outside our kitchen window. No, it’s not a feeder for red birds, it’s a red bird feeder. I know you knew that, but I wanted to say it anyway, just in case.

I purposely left the cover off of the red bird feeder so the squirrels could help themselves to the goodies inside. It’s a fancy feeder I bought for the birds. It has a perch on the front the birds can sit on, but it closes the food supply if a squirrel sits on it. The squirrels quickly learned they could sit beside and push down on the perch to get all the food they wanted.

Pine trees with snow, red feeder, black squirrel sitting inside

I hung the red bird feeder on the pine tree just above our deck and that drives Maggie crazy. The squirrels know they’re in Maggie territory, but they don’t care. They watch us as we watch them.

When I let Maggie out, she immediately runs toward the big Poplar tree where the squirrels escape if they see her coming. She runs even if there aren’t any squirrels around. She just wants all of them to know she’s in charge. Right.

Pine trees covered with snow, and a cardinal flying

In a lucky shot, I captured this cardinal just after it flew from a branch. Cardinals are beautiful against the snow-covered pines. They’re beautiful without the snow-covered pines.

Snow covered pines, tiny bird

I love the black-capped chickadees. They aren’t as timid as other birds and will often come close if I stand still long enough. I try to get them to take food from my hand. I’ll keep trying.

Perfect bowling score, 300 on the XBox

As if the day could have gotten any better, I enjoyed several games of bowling on the XBox with my grandson. I know I can’t prove it because my name isn’t on the grid, but that 300 score is mine. I have five perfect games on Wii bowling, but I accomplished that by starting the game over every time I didn’t get a strike. That was a long time ago.

I know I shouldn’t do this, because my bowling form is a special thing and I shouldn’t share it with the world. But, I’m feeling generous this morning, so I’m going to allow you to see how to get a perfect score on XBox bowling.

There you have it. My secret is no longer a secret. No fancy foot work, no graceful lunge, just a wave and strike!
It was a great Sunday.

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