Wednesday Therapy Thoughts

How am I doing? I mean, compared to others, how am I doing?

I care what others think about me because if there is something I need to change so they think better of me, I want to do change it, whatever it is.

If I have an opinion that’s wrong, I mean, compared to everyone else, I want to know, so I can change mine.

I worry a lot about what people think about me. I care about them so much that I’m willing to be what they want me to be so I can make them happy.

If people are not happy around me, I know it’s my fault, so I try to find out exactly why they’re not happy. I don’t come right out and ask them. I just watch and listen, and I can tell, pretty quickly, it’s me they’re not happy about, so I do everything I can to change whatever it is about me that keeps them from being happy.

What I think, down deep, doesn’t matter. I try not to think about what I really think. All that matters is what others think.

I think I have a special gift of knowing what others are thinking. I don’t tell others about my gift, I just know it helps me know what they’re thinking so I can change what I’m thinking to match what they think.

I’m exhausted, but I need to keep thinking about what other people think. I want to make them happy.

Someone said, “When you’re young, you worry about what other people think. When you’re middle-aged, you say you don’t care what other people think. When you’re old, you begin to realize no one was thinking about you the entire time.” I don’t know who said it. But someone did, and it’s true.

Comparing ourselves to others and worrying about what they think keeps us from being settled. Content.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Therapy Thoughts

  1. Comparison is such a trap! I loved reaching the age where I only thought about what GOD thinks of me. Of course, it’s human nature to wonder what others think of me. But the older I got, the less I cared. If I treat others the way I wish to be treated, that’s all I can do. I consider myself a likeable person. I love that God sees me lovable no matter what! Great thoughts, Dale!

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      1. Thank you, Dale! I was talking to a dear friend the other day. He’s a pastor and we used to sing together. We were talking about my journey and how I’ve learned, the hard ways, to get out of God’s way! I told Larry, “God doesn’t need my help, he needs my heart!” I put that in my blog. I used to sing a song called, “Keep Me in Your Will” (so I won’t be in your way). I think of it everyday when I surrender to him…especially when I’ve tried to do things without HIM! Tonight is my last night in my home. I’ve spent all week packing so my friends from AR can just load the Uhaul tomorrow morning. It’s bittersweet as I love living near Branson and the lakes. But Springfield is just a few miles North and it will be better on everyone! I’m always open to change! Change is in my DNA! Hopefully I’ll have my internet working again by Monday at new location (and I’ll be resting and moving slow unpacking,lol). Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!! Stay well and blessed!

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      2. I love that song title! Again, wow, “God doesn’t need my help, he needs my heart!” Wow. Who wrote “Keep Me in Your Will”? Have a great day and best wishes for a problem-free move.


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