Sunday Therapy Thoughts

There are songs that come to mind about Sunday with lyrics such as, “easy like Sunday morning,” and I think, “Wow, those folks don’t know anything about Sunday morning.”

Sunday mornings were never easy. Even when I was a kid, they were rush-rush-rush. Who ever thought it was a good idea to put a suit on a child? What purpose did it ever serve to make a kid wear a tie, even if it was one of those clip ones?

When did roast beef become the official Sunday dinner for church folks? Don’t get me wrong, the house always smelled wonderful when we came home from church. Roast beef, potatoes, beans, cottage cheese with a half peach and a gob of Miracle Whip on top, and a glass of milk. It was the lunch of Sunday.

It takes work to think differently about Sunday. Thinking differently about anything takes work. If you think it, you’ll think it and that will blaze the trail for thinking it. When you’re done thinking it, it’s right there waiting for you to think it again.

Thinking can become a habit. I know that sounds stupid because we have to think. But, if we allow ourselves to think automatically, soon our thoughts are ruling us instead of thoughts being a tool we use.

Feelings are a product of thinking and vice-versa. It can be a mess. It can be good.

The challenge is to stop paving the way for auto-habit-thought by making and thinking a different road.

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