Saturday Therapy Thoughts

What should Saturdays feel like? I always think of Saturdays the way they were when I was a kid.

Saturday morning cartoons were like the second act to Science Fiction Theater that came on Friday night after the late news. Quick Draw McGraw, Adam Ant, Wally Gator, The Thunderbirds, The Jetsons, and best of all, Looney Toons! Elmer Fudd, Daffy, Sylvester, Foghorn Leghorn (I still laugh when I see him beat the dog’s butt with a stick,) Porky Pig, I never liked Tweety much, and of course Road Runner and Wiley Coyote.

When I got older, Saturdays were the day I had to clean the office and burn the trash. When we had a family of our own, Saturday was pancakes day. The kids still tease me about my pancake suit, which was matching sweatpants and shirt.

When I was a church pastor I didn’t like Saturdays because it meant Sunday was next. I can’t explain it, so I won’t try.

Should Saturdays feel like they feel now that we’re retired? A surprise? Oh, it’s Saturday? When did that happen?

Are Saturdays the reward of the week? It seems like if that were the case the reward would be Friday, not Saturday, because Saturday is sort of the crank-up day for the new week.

It used to be, for the legalist religious folks anyway, that Saturday was the day they did everything they weren’t allowed to do on Sunday, like buy bread, fill the car with gas, eat in a restaurant, play sports, or mow the lawn. No, I’m not kidding.

What should Saturdays feel like, though?

I don’t have an answer. I thought maybe you would. Let me know if you do.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Therapy Thoughts

  1. Happy Saturday, Dale! Although you’re older and wiser, 😬😉, I shared reruns of the sane cartoons! I loved them! I’ll add, Johnny Quest and Scooby Doo! It was cleaning day at my house (and Mom’s). We shopped and clothes were clean and picked out for Sundays (My Grandpa~112 if alive today) was a pastor for 60 years). I grew up in a tiny town so “going to town” meant the “big” city of Springfield, MO. You don’t have to explain about Sunday being the next day as a pastor, I get it!! Stay safe and blessed! PS~I’m a twist of divine direction, I’m moving. A former pastor, my neighbor, offered to buy my little small flipped-home and use as a ministry rental. My Dad was diagnosed with another cancer. Between the two of us, my poor Mom (they have also raised my disabled niece), and the need to be closer to all of them (and my twin and other sister) I’m renting a house in Springfield (the “big” town). I’ll be 8 minutes to the hospital, my oncologists, and much closer to my parents and family! I’ll be off of here as my hiking tribe from AR come to help me move next week. My Dad has a biopsy on Monday. I close on my house, Tuesday, and my next scan is Wednesday ~then the move. IF my cancer is stable and/or shrinking (I’m praying GONE!), I’ll move forward with continued treatments. Sorry to share so much, Dale! But I know you’re a prayer warrior! Enjoy a beautiful Saturday no matter what you do!!

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    1. Hello, Karla, hope you had a great Saturday. Older? Much. Wiser? Uh, nope. How could I forget Johnny Quest and his pals, Spinner and Paddlefoot?! Scooby Doo was great, but he was more our kids’ age. Congratulations on selling your flip and being closer to your folks. I really don’t understand why some families seem to have ongoing challenges with cancer. We have had them as well. Best hopes and wishes for your dad’s and your upcoming tests. Prayers for you and your family.

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      1. Thank you, Dale! More fun memories have entered my mind! I’ll never understand cancer. I do know that my Father and I share a gene mutation. It’s very interesting to me. My cancer is hormone-based. Very rare~Neuroendocrine tumors. It caught early people can live years! It can be masked by other symptoms. In my case, IBS and issues from a wreck I had. One CT scan of my abdomen would have caught this years ago. It has spread to my bones (skull, ribs, spine, pelvis, hips, and left shoulder). They can’t do surgery so mainly just trying to do pain relief. I’ll probably have more bone radiation as my shoulder is causing many issues. The best part is that none of this will get the “best” of me as God uses the best of me to soldier on~knowing that I have such glory waiting! It’s such a win-win. I’d prefer to not have so much pain. But I also know that with it, my faith deepens so much. Living with an eternal perspective is so freeing! My family and I are appreciative of the prayers for healing and comfort! May you and your family stay blessed and well!

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  2. Jim Vibbart

    I admit, my ox (or some versions may be more technically correct in using the term “ass”) has fallen into a pit more times than I can recount. Thankfully, I have Luke 14:5!

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    1. Jim Vibbart

      Haha!! I’m sure! By the way, is Luke 14:5 one of those verses they tell pastors not to touch? Cuz I don’t recall ever seeing it as a reference. Hmmm.


      1. Nope! I touched it one time when I was preaching at a campmeeting. I said it was a double standard to say it was wrong to go out to dinner on Sunday but expect wives to work in the kitchen all day on Sunday. A pastor told his church it was false teaching. Hahaha what a dope.


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