Seeing is not seeing because if everyone saw what they thought they saw it might be different than what they said they were seeing when they saw it.  Not everything that we see is what we saw so it depends on how we see what we thought we saw. 

To really see something, one must do something other than what they’ve always done because if they only see what they’ve seen before, they’ll only see what they’ve already seen and misunderstood. 

Misunderstanding is a part of deciding what something is before we see it.  Seeing is opening not only one’s eyes but also the brain and heart. 

Seeing is looking but it is also beholding which is more than just noticing.  Noticing is something anyone can do.  Seeing is something that we must choose to do.  We can go through life without seeing but seeing is something that changes us because we are impacted by what we really see.

So, see. To really see depends on seeing with something other than the eyes.  Seeing sees only when seeing is determined before sight begins.  Seeing only what one sees when seeing commonly brings assumption blindness.

Seeing sees says see saw.

4 thoughts on “Seeing

  1. I’m looking for a see-saw in a cloud that is more modest than the vision of Archimedes when he said ‘give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world’, looking for a see-saw where someone is willing to move toward the center when a small child is at one end hoping to make a difference. But most children get catapulted into space without a parachute, or are sent up a river without a paddle. There’s nothing to see in the forest if the bear eats you. Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that steals sap from dormant trees. Without vision, there is nothing to see. Seeing too much can put you in a witness protection program. I see nothing in vagueness.

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