Licking Beaters and Bowls

None of us should be alive. Several generations of ignorant kids who ate raw cookie dough and cake batter should have died off before the age of ten.

Licking mixer beaters was a normal part of growing up. Absolutely no one yelled, “Don’t eat that!” Two beaters dripping with delicious chocolate cake batter was like a gift of pure gold.

My great aunt who was great, had five boys and one girl on a farm up north. I loved going there to stay for a few days any time I could. She always had a big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough in the ice box. Any time we went through the kitchen we grabbed a gob of deadly dough in our fingers and ate it raw.

Taking a mixing bowl in my hands with a spatula that still had a good layer of raw batter on it was like getting a brand new bike on Christmas morning. I scraped the bowl again and again until it was clean enough to put back in the cupboard. I chewed the rubber spatula to be sure every last lick was gone.

“Don’t eat that pie dough, it’s not good for you!” Every kid older than fifty-five went deaf when their mom was baking pies. Raw pie dough is delicious! Kids today don’t know what they missed. We all made little cinnamon rolls from the extra pie dough, but we ate more dough than we baked.

My mother had a cookie press she used only at Christmas time. She mixed up the special dough, stirred in food coloring, and I started stealing finger loads of dough while she was working on the cookies. Merry Christmas to me!

Chocolate chip cookie dough with oatmeal mixed in is actually health food. It’s rich in valuable fiber a body needs to function properly.

Raw peanut butter cookie dough should be prescribed for people struggling with endurance issues. Protein in peanut butter is an important nutrient. Eating raw peanut butter cookie dough is a great way to get the protein before it’s baked out.

The only way to be sure cornbread batter is right is to test it raw, eggs and all. Taste it raw!

Raw biscuit dough is like candy! Fluffy little pieces picked off the bread board and popped in my mouth takes me back to grandma’s house sixty years ago.

There’s nothing like homemade raw buttermilk pancake batter! It is absolutely delicious! I stick my finger in and lick it off after every load on the griddle. Of course, I wash my hands in between, I wouldn’t want to spread any germs!

I’m almost seventy and I still lick beaters and bowls, and grab a gob of cookie dough every chance I get.

One thought on “Licking Beaters and Bowls

  1. Dale! I giggled and nodded all the way through this! I’m , ahem,…a “few” years behind you at 52 🙃🙃 BUT even I should NOT be alive, lol. “Deadly dough”, lol. What a great post filled with tasty memories!

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