Cottage Outfitters is Beautifully Decorated for Christmas

We always love going to Cottage Outfitters in Caseville, Michigan. Cottage Outfitters is on the main street passing through the small lakeside community of Caseville.

One might think Cottage Outfitters would slow down when the weather turns cold. Not so! Jonathan Bibby has been very busy, getting the store ready for the Holiday Season. And, once again, Jonathan has done an absolutely amazing job preparing for this wonderful time of year.

I think there might be a syndrome that causes people to be affected by colors. If that’s true, then I have it. We’ll call it “Christmas Colors-itis. However, it’s not a disorder, because the symptoms are delight and excitement. I love standing in a store surrounded by all the colors of Christmas. Red, green, white, silver, gold, black, and any other color one might display during the holidays. Cottage Outfitters has an abundance of all of them!

Who doesn’t love candles? If Mary loses me in a Christmas store, she knows I’m probably sniffing candles.

“We have lots of candles,” she says, picking one up, herself.
“Yeah, I know, but this one smells like it needs a home,” I answer. We buy it.

Jonathan Bibby has included several varieties of candles for this year’s Christmas Season. If you’re looking for that perfect candle for your home, Cottage Outfitters has it.

Every kitchen needs several decorative hand towels. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger display of Christmas towels than this one at Cottage Outfitters. The vintage print of Santa Clause is a favorite.

I love hot chocolate! The red and green tins of hot chocolate will look great in your kitchen. It would probably be best to buy two or three, because the hot chocolate won’t last long.

Of course, we are proud to be a part of Cottage Outfitters with our Up North Flannels. They are located in the cabin section at the top of the stairs in Cottage Outfitters. We have a wide variety of plaid flannels that will keep you warm during the frosty winter months ahead.

What could be better for your Christmas Holiday table than a red and black, or white and black checked cloth? Jonathan has several from which to choose.

We are very proud of our daughter, artist Rebecca Baksa. The waterfront scene is a print of one of her paintings. She took a photo of this harbor while she and her husband were on a trip to Maine. She’s incredibly talented. Wouldn’t the print look amazing in your family room above your fireplace?

Cottage Outfitters is a wonderful place to visit. If you’re having trouble getting into the “holiday spirit,” or you’re feeling down for some reason, I promise you, walking through Cottage Outfitters can help.

When you go to Cottage Outfitters, make sure you give yourself enough time to move slowly. Take time to enjoy every part of the store. You’ll find that it’s magic. Just like Christmas!

From our family to you and yours, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

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