It’s Polar Express Season!

I have to admit, I was disappointed to learn that #1225 at the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, Michigan, is still undergoing some important maintenance. That means the Polar Express train that runs from Owosso to Ashley, Michigan, through the Christmas Season will be pulled by diesel rather than steam. But it’s still a train!

Last year, I went to the Steam Railroading Institute to take photographs and videos of the #1225. What a thrill it was to stand just a few feet away while the massive locomotive was preparing to roll out of the station.

We have ridden the Polar Express a couple of times, and I’m looking forward to taking the trip again. But, I will wait until the Pere Marquette #1225 is back in operation.

I love trains of all kinds, and I enjoy watching them as often as I can, but seeing and listening to this huge steam engine chug away from the station never gets old. I could do this every day.

I can imagine how thrilling it must be to sit in the engineer’s seat at the throttle of this incredible locomotive. During special events at the Steam Railroading Institute, they have offered opportunities to sit at the controls of the #1225 for a short roll. For a steep price, of course, but it all goes to keep the beautiful engine running.

Polar Express fans and train lovers can check out the Steam Railroading Institute at for information about the institute and the Pere Marquette #1225.

All aboard!

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