How to Become an Influencer for the 21st Century

Everyone has influence of one kind or another. Some people have influence of several kinds. Influencers are people to whom others pay attention either for what they say, or for what they do, and also, unfortunately, for what they own.

The secrets of being an influencer become more deeply hidden with each day that passes. However, you have come to the right place to uncover them.

Rather than selling the secrets to you in a series to which you must subscribe, give me your credit card, and promise to love, honor, and obey, I am going to give you the secrets to becoming an influencer totally free.

Just to make sure you read that last sentence carefully, here it is again. I am going to give you, right here, right now, THE secrets to becoming an influencer for the 21st century.

There is one more thing you must understand. Once you choose to follow these simple, powerful, life-changing steps, you are GUARANTEED to become an influencer.

Take a slow deep breath, and read carefully. Here we go.

First, sit down in front of your computer which is always on, and open your favorite browser.

Next, close your favorite browser.

Then, turn your computer off.

Relax. Allow the sound of your computer shutting down to sink in.

Secret #1: When someone says, “Thank you,” say “You’re welcome.” Do not, ever again, say, “No problem.” When you respond, “No problem,” you are insinuating whatever you did for them actually was a problem but you’re choosing to disregard it for now. Them: “Thank you.” You: “You’re welcome.”

Secret #2: Always open the door for the person approaching the door behind you. Always.

Secret #3: Look people in the eye when they’re talking to you. Stop what you’re doing, look and listen. When you speak to them, look them in the eye.

Secret #4: Choose to strike “Whatever,” as in, “What-everrrr,” from your vocabulary.

Secret #5: Gentlemen, open the car door for the ladies. Always.

Secret #6: If you really want to jump into the influencer fast lane, learn to say, “Yes, Sir,” and “Yes, Ma’am,” when answering someone with whom you are not in a friend-level relationship.

Secret #7: Learn to shake hands firmly. Don’t shake fingers. Shake hands, palm to palm, fingers wrapped. Don’t look at your hand, look the person you’re greeting in the face.

Secret #8: When you greet someone new, say, “Nice to meet you,” or, “How do you do?” Strike “Tsup” and “Hey.”

Secret #9: Be willing to admit it when you’re wrong.

Secret #10: Learn to say, “I’m sorry.”

That’s it. These are the ten secrets guaranteed to make you an influencer.

Influencers are not made of views and likes, follows or shares. Millions of views can disappear in an instant if some other “influencer” decides you’re done influencing. Digital influence collapses in an instant like a house made of cards.

Real influence is person to person, not clicks.

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