Cupid’s Christmas: A Movie Made in Holly, Michigan

Last Sunday night was a fun first for us. We attended the movie premiere of a Christmas movie filmed in Holly, Michigan, called, Cupid’s Christmas. The showing was complete with a red carpet and celebrities.

Cupid’s Christmas stars Marla Moore as Katie Valentine, Joe Kurak as Luke Murphy, Kevin Ridsdale as Santa Claus, Holly Police Chief Jerry Narsh as Chief Murphy, and Lila Teall as Olivia.

The movie premiere was sponsored by Emagine Theaters with Paul Glantz, owner and chairman of Emagine Theaters, in attendance. (I have to admit, I was almost as star-struck seeing Paul Glantz as I was the stars of the film!)

We joined the artisan family at Altered Designs in Holly, in December, 2021 with our Up North Flannels. Holly Harrington Herrick, owner of Altered Designs, said that when movie producer, Sam Logan Khaleighi came into the store, he really loved our flannels. Mary and I decided to donate an Up North Flannel of their choice, to each of the cast and crew members. We heard the crew was especially excited as cast members are often gifted items but crews are sometimes overlooked.

Before the showing began, cast members and directors were introduced to the crowded theater. Producer Sam Logan thanked everyone in Holly who helped make the movie possible.

The story of Cupid’s Christmas revolves around a theme that is very real to the residents of Holly, Michigan. Folks are working together to save the famous Holly Train Depot from being torn down. The railroad passing through the area is expanding, requiring removal of the old depot.

In the film, Katie Valentine is working to inspire folks in Holly to believe the depot can be saved if everyone works together. With the help of Luke Murphy, Katie’s old boyfriend just back after ten years of military service, Police Chief Murphy (Luke’s father), Holly residents and businesses featuring Altered Designs and Battle Alley Coffee Shop, and a little magic from Santa, the funds are raised to move the historic Holly Depot.

Several of the scenes were filmed in the depot. It was great to actually see the inside of the building.

We were excited to meet Producer Sam Logan Khaleghi after the showing. Mary said, “Hi, Sam, I’m Mary Parsons with the Up North Flannels.”

“Ohhh! I love Up North Flannels! I wear mine everywhere!” Sam hollered.

He signed the film poster for us, “I love Up North Flannels!”

Thanks Sam!

It was a great night, and the movie is terrific! It was so fun to see the town of Holly on the big screen.

Even our own Holly Harrington-Herrick is in the film! She appeared in the film waiting on happy customers at Altered Designs, naturally.

We’ve been going to Holly for many years, especially during the Thanksgiving-Christmas season. It is a wonderful destination for families. There are amazing restaurants and many shops including several antique stores. Oh, and don’t forget Battle Alley Coffee Company, and Altered Designs!

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