For the Love of Antiques!

After we visited the Chic Antiques Grainery in Imlay City, Michigan, yesterday, we drove a little farther south to Almont, the home of Chic Antiques Market.

When I walk into great antique stores, the first thing I think about is coffee! Everything looks even better when I’m sipping a hot cup of brew. We were delighted to discover Chic Antiques is the home of Goodland Farm Coffee Bar! I ordered a delicious cappuccino.

I said to owner, Lori Schultz Bryan, “I want to just stay here and drink coffee!”

“That’s fine, but you have to clean the bathroom,” she said.

“No problem! I used to be a janitor!”

“You were?” Lori asked.

“When I was in high school.”

“You’ve done a little bit of everything,” she said, having no idea how right she was.

The old mill, south of town, is the site of Chic Antiques Market. The building is incredible without all the beautiful things inside. All the wheels that drove the belts that operated the mill are still in place.

I wasn’t going to mention this, but what the heck. I had my coffee in my left hand, and my phone in the other. I tried to take a picture of the huge wheels at the ceiling and poured coffee down the front of my t-shirt. Luckily, I had an Up North Flannel on, so I buttoned it up and walked around with a wet shirt, laughing. I’m sure everyone thought I was giddy over seeing so many antiques.

For those who are in or near Michigan, a trip to the Mill Chic Antiques Market in Almont, will make your day, week, maybe even your year!

When you visit Chic Antiques Market, I’m sure you’ll have the same feeling I did. You’ll want to walk slowly and take it all in, and maybe find a place to just sit. If you have a cappuccino, that is.

The old mill is still talking.

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