Out With the Scary, In With the Merry

See no scary, hear no scary, speak no scary. Mid-August is now the official threshold for Halloween decorations. I love it! Honestly! I walk through the Halloween stuff in the stores as soon as it appears. I don’t buy anything, I just like looking at it.

I have always wondered what Chia Pet has to do with Christmas. Chia and The Clapper commercials show up every year just after Halloween when the mad dash of Christmas shopping begins. Now we have Michael Myers Chia Head for combined Halloween and Christmas! If you hurry, you can still pick one up and have a full head of vegetables for your Christmas celebration.

Now, it’s out with the scary, in with the merry! The stores have shifted from Halloween fun to Christmas feelings. They’re done with orange, black, and purple. Now it’s silver, gold, red, and green. The huge air-filled creepy clowns are replaced by huge air-filled reindeer and snowmen.

We step away from the jug of cider and fill our cups with eggnog. Instead of Nightmare on Elm Street, it’s Miracle on 34th Street. Rather than ghosts who to want to be-head, ghosts seek to redeem. Dracula closes his coffin, and George Bailey wakes up. Candy corn gives way to candy canes. Twinkle lights replace Jack-O-Lanterns. Pumpkins disappear, presents under a tree appear. Rather than a shiver of fear, we welcome a feeling of cheer.

Trick or treaters become Christmas carolers. Candies in a bag move over for cookies on a plate. Dancing skeletons go away, now there’s a big fat guy dressed in red sneaking into your house in the middle of the night. Ghouls and goblins are pushed out by angels and lambs. Monster Mash becomes Silent Night. Carving a pumpkin is replaced by carving a turkey.

A bag full of rocks and the great pumpkin are gone for another year. Now, a little tree, rejected by everyone, is loved by a young boy who believes while everyone else makes fun. Gotta love Christmas.

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