Halloween Fun

Witch holding crystal ball, very scary.

That is one creepy whatever it is. I have always liked Halloween. It’s a gateway to fall fun and crispy cold weather. Even though the actual day is October 31, stores decorate for Halloween in August so we have plenty of time to enjoy the excitement.

Past Tense Country Store in Lapeer, Michigan has one of the best indoor Halloween displays I’ve ever seen. It sure isn’t for folks who are terrified by boney fingers, stringy hair, sharp teeth, talking skeletons, and spiders. The entire upper floor of the store is filled with everything the worst nightmares are made of.

Paste Tense Store with home decor, Halloween and Christmas decorations.

Are you kidding me? I’m not afraid of clowns, as some people are, but a clown holding a cage with a mini creepy clown, that is just scary. If the big one doesn’t get you, the little one will.

The white haired old man holding the little skull is probably the scariest thing of all.

When I was a kid we used pillow cases to collect our candy. We went home, dumped it all on the floor, and sorted through the good stuff and shared the rest. Now, with all the “trunk and treat” sites for trick-or-treaters to go to, I think kids are probably getting enough candy to last until next Halloween.

What would fall be without cider and donuts? Even if you don’t like apple cider, and never eat donuts, people buy them to make the fall colors brighter. It’s like when you see an accident and turn down the radio so you can see better.

Photo of big red barn, Past Tense Cider Mill.

The Past Tense Cider Mill has terrific cider and donuts. Delicious! Apple cider is a treat whether purchased at a mill or an intersection from people raising community project funds.

Whether you get into Halloween or not, enjoy seeing scary things or avoid them, it’s still a fun time for kids and lots of adults alike. Here’s hoping you get more than a “bag full of rocks” in your trick-or-treat bag!

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