I love marching bands! I love music, but marching bands have a special place in my music-loving heart.

I am so excited about our North Branch Bronco Marching Band! If you haven’t been to a football game this season, you are missing a treat. Not only are the Broncos undefeated, the Bronco Marching Band is performing a fantastic half-time show.

I am partial to brass instruments and the Broncos have an incredible force of trumpets and trombones leading the charge through this new season. Every instrument section, from woodwinds to percussion, to the flag team, is performing beautifully.

I am especially thrilled by the Bronco Marching Band performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner”. There is some tricky timing near the end and the band is playing the anthem flawlessly at a level I believe would make Mr. Key proud.

Marching while playing an instrument is not for the faint of heart. Skillfully playing a recognizable song through a mass of plumbing, or keeping rhythm on a drum while marching, remembering how many steps to take in which direction, when to turn, stop, move, and follow the music while watching the drum majors makes me dizzy just thinking about it. The Marching Broncos are making it look easy.

I’ve had the privilege of subbing for Mr. Ehardt several times over many years and it’s amazing to see the progression from fifth-graders excited about playing a solo of “Hot Cross Buns,” to performing difficult pieces in high school, to marching on the field inspiring fans and players alike.

Congratulations to Mr. Ehardt, the drum majors, flag performers, every member of the North Branch Bronco Marching Band, support staff, band boosters, and faithful parents who support their kids and keeping saying, “It’s gonna sound better, you have to keep practicing.”

Keep it up, Bronco Marching Band! You’re doing great!

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