The Port Austin Farmer’s Market

It’s a rite of summer on the tip of the thumb. Everyone in this area knows about the Pt. Austin Farmer’s Market, open every Saturday during summer.

The market is a shopper’s delight. Scores of tents sit side by side in several sections. Each one is filled with items for sale. Most offer homemade goodies of one kind or another. Some edible, some wearable, some hangable, some playable. My favorites are the edibles.

I enjoyed one of these delicious peaches. Fantastic. I almost bought a bag of chocolate chip cookies but decided we had enough sweet stuff already.

One of the fun things about the Port Austin Farmer’s Market is the entertainment. Last Saturday, there was a three-member band doing cover songs of many popular artists. They were actually pretty good. In recent years we heard a drum corps from one of Michigan’s outstanding universities.

Port Austin is a beautiful town. The pier that provides safety from the waves of Lake Huron for boats of varying sizes, is also a place for visitors to walk. There are several great restaurants in Port Austin offering everything from breakfast items, to pizza, to steak.

Last Saturday was the first time we have visited the farmer’s market in a few years. I’m happy we decided to go. It was great to visit the Port Austin Farmer’s Market again. It was well worth the time, especially because I ended the day with an extra-hot mocha from Green Clean Bean. As always, Whiskey was there to great me with a wagging tail.

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