Giving Thanks – Day 17: Cereal

I’m thankful for cereal. Where would we be without cereal? Where would parents be without cereal. Cereal answers so many life questions, it’s almost a miracle. In the cereal aisle I’m like a kid in a toy store five days before Christmas.

What do you eat when you don’t know what to eat? Cereal. What do you eat after church on Sunday night? (Wait, what?) Cereal. What do you eat in secret between lunch and dinner so mom won’t yell, “Don’t eat that you’ll spoil your dinner!” Cereal.

What do you eat when you don’t know what to eat because everything sounds good when you’re going to sit on the couch and watch a movie? Cereal. What do you grab when you’re late and you haven’t eaten yet? Cereal. What do toddlers eat while sitting in their high chairs so mom or dad, or aunt, or grandma, or sitter, can get just five minutes to stop chasing the little one around the house? Cereal. What do you find when you’re looking for your keys under the couch or chair cushions? Cereal.

What gives you a little sugar kick when you don’t want a huge chocolate chip cookie (Wait, what?) but need something sweet? Cereal. What fits in your pocket so you can discretely reach in and pull out a delicious morsel while you’re supposed to be paying attention to something? Cereal.

What do you need on a long trip for a crunchy munch while you’re driving? Cereal. What tastes great when you’re bored? Cereal. What is the magic item that has absolutely no calories because you’re only eating a few at a time? Exactly! Cereal.

Whoever came up with these little gems was a genius. Kids today don’t know how special snack packs are. In the old days, the boxes were scored so you could open the side, then open the bag inside, pour some milk in and eat the cereal right out of the box! Incredible!

Cereal has changed so much! Years ago, the cereal choices were slim pickin’. Cheerios, Cornflakes, Rice Krispies, Shredded Wheat, Puffed Wheat, and Puffed Rice was about it, at least at our house. Quaker used to have shredded wheat that was a round biscuit rather than the more familiar crumbly pillows that are the size of a bundle of steel wool. A great variation to plain Shredded Wheat was pouring hot water on the biscuit, let it soak for a moment, then squeeze out the water, add milk and a good bunch of sugar, and it was delightful! (Delightful is a word I never used when I was a kid. I don’t use it much now, either, except when I’m writing reviews of restaurants we might never go to again.)

Cereal can be colon central without being obvious about it. Kids will never know that their insides are being messed with when they need help. Bran Flakes. Raisin Bran is a little sneakier. If you’re serious, Bran Buds. Now there are all kinds of bran choices. All with the same results.

The only thing I ever heard my dear grandfather say that might raise an eyebrow among the very, very old-timers was a joke. He told me, “A man went into a grocery store and asked the clerk, ‘Do you have Grape Nuts?’ The clerk answered, ‘No, it’s rheumatism.'”

Hot cereal is not as easy to carry around, but it’s still great. The generational favorite is Oatmeal. Not that I think it’s worthy of the trophy. Oatmeal has found its way into all kinds of recipes. Granola, which is cereal, sort of. Apple crisp. Cookies, including chocolate chip!

My favorite is Cream of Wheat, although corn meal mush is right up there. No one remembers Ralston, which was like eating a mouthful of hot grain. I thought Malto-Meal was nasty. The hot cereal wonder-treat is Cocoa Wheats. “Cocoa Wheats, Cocoa Wheats can’t be beat. It’s the cream hot cereal with a cocoa treat. Tastes like chocolate, smells like it too. Helps make you strong for the things you want to do.” Can you hear the music? Sure you can.

When it comes to cereal, there’s a lot to be thankful for, and I am. My sugary crunch favorite today is Golden Crisp. I think I’ll grab a handful. Yum!

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