Giving Thanks – Day 6

I’m thankful for cozy places. I have always loved being cozy. Cozy is warm and comfortable. Cozy is protected and safe. Cozy is a perfect mixture of temperature, color, aroma, sounds, texture, taste, sight, and feelings. Cozy is personal. Cozy to one person might be annoying to someone else. That’s their problem.

A great example of cozy is Zehnder’s Family Restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan. No, this photo is not Zehnder’s. A perfectly cozy spot is a table near a wall, or a booth, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree a few feet away, a lighted candle on the table, a steaming cup of coffee, Christmas music softly playing, anticipation of a delicious meal, and no reason to hurry.

Cozy can be a work space. A small cubical with a desk containing favored items that make you smile. Items pinned to the short walls that remind you of special places and people. There is a photo of your dog or cat sleeping on your lap. A small lamp. Four-foot florescent bulbs cannot be cozy! Your lamp has a 60 watt soft-white bulb. Your storage area is just above your head and offers just enough cover to let you feel protected. Best of all, there is soft music playing. It’s just loud enough to fold around you without disturbing the workers in the surrounding work spaces.

You can find cozy in a store. I do it all the time. The Pineberry Shoppe is cozy. Everything in the store says, “Get a cup of coffee and sit right here.”

Cottage Outfitters in Caseville is another place where cozy lives. You can tell when cozy is starting to set in when you want to stay in that spot.

When I was a kid I made a cozy spot at breakfast by standing the cereal boxes in front of my bowl while I ate my Cheerios, or Rice Krispies, or Cornflakes. Never Cocoa Puffs, or Frosted Flakes, or Sugar Crisp like I have now

Cozy is beside a Christmas tree giving the only light to the room.

Cozy is all around. Be sure to find it.

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