Giving Thanks – Day 3

I’m thankful for TV. Yeah, I know, wasting time blah blah, should be reading blah blah classics, music blah blah blah, writing blah, talking blah blah, listening blah blah blah. I’m thankful for TV.

Black and white was best. Imagination works way better with black and white TV. Science fiction theatre after the late news on Friday nights was awesome, although I had a terrible time staying awake for the whole double feature. I hated waking up with nothing but static fuzz on the screen.

“Rae Deanne and Friends.” “Soupy Sales.” “The Flintstones” at primetime on Friday nights. “I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster.” “Captain Kangaroo.” “Mr. Magoo.” “Creature Features.” “Svengoolie.” “Captain Muddy.” “Mr. Magic.” “Michigan Outdoors with Mort Neff.” “Car 54 Where Are You?” “Queen for a Day” (my grandma watched that one.) “The Price Is Right” with Bill Cullen. Yes, and even “Lawrence Welk.” My grandma watched him too. She talked about Lawrence like she knew him personally. She also talked about JP McCarthy the same way.

“Father Knows Best” I watched every day when I walked home for lunch from elementary school. “The Donna Reed Show.” “The Edge of Night” (grandma again.) She used to say, “I need to watch my story.”

I love “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” and especially, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Long before the days of VHS, we once got out of bed at 2:00 a.m. to watch “Scrooge” with Alistair Sim.

Now we have our favorite holiday movies we watch as a sort of Advent calendar.

Yes, I’m thankful for TV. Think what you want, I’m not changing my mind. We need to make a list of shows we have already watched on Netflix, Starz, Prime, and Hulu. Although, it’s fun watching shows again, then realizing half way through the second season we already watched it.

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