Loving Tennessee

Recently, we enjoyed a week in beautiful Tennessee. While we were there, we visited the Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park in Manchester, TN. What a fascinating place!

The early morning air was cool, but by the time we had been exploring the park for an hour, it was plenty warm. I did purchase a “Old Stone Fort” hooded sweatshirt, just to be sure.

The Old Stone Fort was built hundreds of years ago. The land in the area was used by Native Americans. It is incredibly interesting, and somewhat haunting to walk through what is left of the building. To think that the stones were placed so many years ago, and remain where they were carefully laid is amazing.

While we were there, people were fishing along the river. I don’t know whether they were successful or not. The beauty was smudged just a little, by some careless folks who decided to toss sandwich bags and plastic bottles along the rocks. Some thoughtless parent even left a dirty diaper laying by the water. Unbelievable.

Wooden stairways say so much. How many feet have used these steps? I wonder what the people were talking about. How many children complained of sore feet?

I was intrigued by this old sickle bar mower that was left to rust into oblivion along the river. I actually looked up the serial number and Google returned actual photos of the old machine. History.

If you make a trip to Tennessee, take some time and travel to Manchester. The Old Stone Fort State Park is well worth the drive. On a sunny day, the beauty is unmatched.

It’s time for coffee.

3 thoughts on “Loving Tennessee

  1. Hi Dale! You were in “our neck of the woods” at Old Stone Fort! We camped there last fall. We also spend a lot of time just south of there in Monteagle. We need to meet up there and show you some of our favorite places! We’re spending most of our time these days in Brown City, but back to TN this fall for sure!

    I really enjoy reading your blog posts. I just haven’t signed up to like them or comment on them. Keep on bloggin’!!

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    1. Hey Jim! So good to hear from you, and thanks for your kind comments. That would be a blast. Your mom mentioned Monteagle. Do you spend the whole winter there? We have thought seriously about moving to TN, but it seems, at least for now, we’ll stay in MI. I just hate the cold, especially Jan – Mar. Ughhh!! On another topic, Where was your Grandpa Banks farm? I remember going there for a Lucas reunion when we were kids. I asked my Aunt Ilene once but I don’t remember. Anyway, thanks, and it would be great to see you guys.


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